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American Fail - American Fail 12" Vinyl

American Fail - American Fail 12" Vinyl


The debut release from AMERICAN FAIL is finally available on vinyl! 

American Fail is a 20-minute punk song from the mind of Bobby Darling (Gatsbys American Dream, Search/Rescue, What What What, Places and Numbers). American Fail enlisted the services of punk rock legend Yuri Ruley (MxPx) to play drums and complete the record.


Encompassing many genres and a sweeping array of political themes, American Fail is an ode to the 90s punk rock scene that shaped Bobby's musical career. Produced by Grammy-award winning producer Casey Bates (Portugal. The Man) and released on Election Day 2020, American Fail is a completely unique musical experience.

Guitar, Vocals: Bobby Darling
Bass: Casey Bates
Drums: Yuri Ruley
Producer: Casey Bates
Executive Producer: Scott Weber


1. Apocalypse Motherfuckers!

2. Flat Flat Earth

3. Zuckerberg Ex Machina

4. Whoops We Broke Democracy

5. Frontierland

6. Wretched Refuse

7. You Vandal/So American

8. Innis Arden 1940

9. Dunning-Kruger Jesus

10. Team America

11. Dr. Drew Baird

12. Pathetic Aesthetic

13. Masters of the Universe

14. Renting Money from Guys with Money to Make Some Money

15. So American Reprise

16. Want to Hear More Shit?

17. Oldmanyellsatcloud.jpeg

18. For Which it Stands

19. Where the Whitest Folks Catch the Breaks

20. American Fail

21. Absolution

22. Fourth Horseman


1. Conversation (a vinyl-exclusive talk between band members about the creation of the project)

First Pressing:

200: Eco Mix Green


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