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Hot Sauce + PIK Vinyl

Hot Sauce + PIK Vinyl


To help celebrate the release of People I Know, we present Bone Burner. Chicago's Soothsayer Hot Sauce put the Shitty Neighbors name on their very own bottle!


Bundle up and grab the new record for a spicy discount!


"It's time to burn some bones with the kings of Brohio: Toledo's very own Shitty Neighbors! To help celebrate the release of their new album, People I Know, we created an extra special version of our cult favorite, award winning orange habanero sauce. Blended with orange bell pepper and carrot, Bone Burner is smooth and complex, with creeping kicks of heat and hooks of spice...much like People I Know! Now sit back, spin the record, crack a cold one, down some sauce, and burn dem bones!"

This is the last batch of Bone Burner!!!

Album photography by Eric Kucinski

Shirt and hot sauce label artwork by Eli Fakes

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